In the dull sea of braided and blunt-cut hair, in single filed lines, girls would be all tidied up in their school uniforms; clad in white and navy blue, all prepared for assembly. There amongst the monotonous shades popped out a garnet red puffed ponytail, and just like that, the indistinct infatuation began to grow.

The initial days went by with chits that graduated to lengthy letters. They discussed it all from the movement of the earth in such a way that that day had to be the day that surprise tests were taken; to why Serbia was used in a Backstreet Boys song. They transitioned from talking about the demise of their pet dogs to actually living with a croft of the same. The innocent exchange followed its course where the acceptance of one’s weirdness and the unconditional love for the other was all that was missing from their lives. Eve-ah and Wall-E took flight, leaving behind the shells of their teenage phases. Life took a turn towards dreams that flew without parachutes and landed softly in a reality which was remarkably kind to them. But like every other high school romance, this too seemed to be short lived.

Every photograph, penned confession and petite tokens were returned, carefully bubble wrapped and tied together with a pretty garnet red ribbon along with the words, “I don’t think I can be yours.”

With that, the monotony of the World returned, black and white were the ideal love interests. Conventionally, garnet reds and blues were too farfetched of an idea.

Here’s to every new love that served its course and bowed out keeping in mind the happiness of your significant other, because unconditional love is what remained constant between the two, and the other’s promises seemed to just fade away, along with the garnet red shade that was equally temporary.


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