Dear Monster,

Thank you, my little monster. I realized that men aren’t the only contenders who strive to turn every hair on your head grey. Women are just the same. It’s only human actually. And what a damper that this is the species we have to love.

Flaws become favourites, acceptance cohere into a compromise and the best of the lot, happiness is measured in scales of Fuck ups vs. ‘Social media post’ worthy.

Hello. You judgemental lot, the pick-what-fits-the-sitch clique, finding the right moment to kick you while you dream and push you so far into the ground that you cannot even fathom to revsit that reverie.
I have just one question for you lot, aren’t you bored? Isn’t there a match of uno that you can host amongst your instabilities? Why caper with the most foolish asset that a human is blessed/cursed with?

Why not let us live, love, and long for a dream to come true? Isn’t it bad enough that we have alarms that wake us up to a reality that we wish would magically morph into that of another’s?

Well monster, thank you for reminding me that this isn’t a world of Grus and Megaminds. We are swamped with Davy Jones, Hims, Katz, and the like.

Sleep well, check in the cupboard once.


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