I am 24 years old. I have been in love a handful of times. Now that either makes me gullible or completely clueless about what “love” is. No, this isn’t a rant about how I’m “allergic” to that word/emotion, nor is this about venting out without commas trying to put across a point that many have been through and many are still trying to figure out what certain actions mean.
To those who have read my post so far, this is an account of something that is on a constant loop in my so called, shit dripped love life. My complain today is about Brutally Selfish Insecurities that some try to label as “love”.

Hi. All I have to ask is this, what’s the need to squeeze in words like love, relationship, forever, commitment, exclusively, always, etc; when what you truly mean is, “Till your affection is needed to heal my own overgrown, chidlike, but heinously hopped up on steroids Ego.”

Why put a person through fits of unconditional care for somebody when you know you’re just a temporary itch and it’s as one sided as what Gunther felt for Rachel?!

Why not be brave and solve your own problems without needing the comfort and reassurance from a person you’ll forget once your mind gets rewired?

And now, to those who keep running back into that burning house, STOP. Screw your excuses.
They do not inspire art or literature, they do not make for great material, they do not help you in any way. No. For every single sentence you have defending their actions, you my friend are an idiot.
Love, is not pain. Love, is not a test of time, distance, velocity or whatever crap the modern day films are feeding you.
Love, is simple.

So, hang up. They’re not even listening.


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